Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Increase Pagerank with SEO

search engine optimization made easy (latest version).pdf Pictures, Images and Photos
Today, I want to share an ebook about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). In this ebook, it teach from beginner (first time user/ not available google page rank) until your website to be the first in the search engine. I find this ebook is very useful for blogger (like me) or somebody else that is need to improve their skill on blogging to get PR(Page Rank) in google. Just follow all the step in this ebook and you will increase your PR. One more thing to do is you need to do this seriously (state in the book while I'm reading it). So let us improve our blog and hope this share will give good news for you. Like to see comment about this.

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6 comments: on "Increase Pagerank with SEO"

healthy live said...

my friends said if our pagerank increse..we must have many backlink

alvin said...

@healthy live: yeah, but this book also teach you how to get your pagerank faster. I'm also trying. :D

crazy said...

ok deh sobbb. saya coba deh.
semoga berhasil. =)

alvin said...

@crazy: sama2 bro. :D said...

hmm. very interesting post..
Thanks for sharing :)

srmsofttech2 said...

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