Friday, 2 July 2010

CloudCrowd Earn Money

CloudCrowd is a website where you can earn income by completing jobs or tasks. The site is still in beta however it is currently paying.

  • Minimum payout: no minimum payout

  • Waiting time: 1-2 business day(weekend is not counted).

  • Payment type: Paypal

  • Referral : 3 level (No limit)

There is 2 things that you need to have. A facebook account and paypal account. If you have those two things then you can join and earn with this site. Just select the "Earn Money Now" and you will be taken to a page that lists all the available jobs.

There is called Credibility point where it is going to be increase where your works is reviewed and satisfactory. You will be given 30 points at start. The highest is 100 points. If your works is disappointed, your credibility point will decrease and if it's below 25 points, your account can be put on probation(testing). And if you credibility come to 0, your account maybe suspended.

So be sure to read the instructions and understand them before you begin to attempt to complete a task.

If you have some question related to CloudCrowd, you may post your question in the comment section below. So, what do you waiting for? Join now and enjoy it. Happy earning. :D

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4 comments: on "CloudCrowd Earn Money"

healthy live said...

money money and money....

lina@home sweet home said...

Thanks...I've just known about this website.

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