Sunday, 30 May 2010

Another Elite site

Hello, I'm back. I got a good news. It's another elite site that i found that is good and can be trusted. It's called Neobux. I'm planning to create a rebate for my referrals who join under my name.
Here is the list for the payment that I will pay for my referrals:

100 clicks = bonus $ 0.10
200 clicks = bonus $ 0.15 (+ $0.05 if never miss clicks the ads)
300 clicks = bonus $ 0.20 (+ $0.10 if never miss clicks the ads)
400 clicks = bonus $ 0.25 (+ $0.15 if never miss clicks the ads)
500 clicks = bonus $ 0.30 (+ $0.20 if never miss clicks the ads)

The bonus will be added up $0.05 every 100 clicks. This is a good chance for you to be the member and to earn more. I'll gave more bonus if my referral is very active.

So, start earning money now! Don't waste your time.

Click on the link below to start making money!

or click this picture below to register.

After registered, if you get any problems or want to cash out for the clicks, you can mail me at and I will reply you within 24 hours.
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6 comments: on "Another Elite site"

Karedok Leunca said...

nice blog :)

would you love to do link exchange with me?
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Just place that link on your blog, and tell me when you're done. I'll do the same..

alvin said...

Just put my link on your site, and confirm me if you done it.
I will do the same.

leslie said...

hi. i find your blog very interesting with the useful widgets. i copied some. Follow my blog and ill do the same.

alvin said...

Hey, this is alvin.
Thank you for coming here leslie. I already follow you. Btw, I hard to comment on your site. You need to check the captcha and the enter button. Hope you find it and fix it. :D

Happy earning everyone..

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Shubhangi said...

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