Saturday, 10 July 2010

Dream Aquarium Screensaver 1.234 [Full version]

This is a Virtual Aquarium with the latest generation! It comes with 3D animation and graphics.

For no secret that over the realistic Dream Aquarium is the best and most realistic and beautiful of all virtual aquarium screensavers! Even as a young and fresh product, it had over its competitors, has evolved rapidly and has become the most famous aquarium in the world. No! These are not real fish! These are 100% computer generated fish. Furthermore, realism in images and their flexibility in the tank will monitor movements and behavior of animals while real - pecking objects, interaction with the environment, food, chasing each other, swimming amongst the plants, mill around in studying and enjoying life ! You are also witnessing a beautiful changing light, touch, gently waving plants, soft shadows of fish bladders configured currents. Here are some key features of "Dream Aquarium":
  • Movement of eyes, mouth, gills, fins.
  • Widescreen format - several formats, is set in some corner of the view. Multi-Monitor support.
  • Option "camera" - the screen moves automatically in the tank and closely follow one or more fish!
  • Change the tanks.
  • Add bakgraund picture of your choice
  • Feeding your virtual fish manually, and can automatically.
  • Add and remove an unlimited number of fish when you want.
OS: ALL Windows platform

  • 32 meg graphics card
  • OpenGL or DirectX8.1
  • Dream Aquarium may not work with older or slower machines, so be sure that your are using modern computer.

The program runs on Windows XP / Vista. For Windows 2000, the author says that the program need to follow this steps: If you receive an error "gdiplus.dll could not be found" you miss your important Windows 2000 system file. You can download and install the appropriate addition here or more easily just grab it and throw dll (save) your WINNT/system32 directory.

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