Sunday, 27 June 2010

Introduction to EasyHits4u

Hi everyone, today I want to give some introduction to EasyHits4u. It's one way to increase your traffic. I will give some brief explanation on how to used it. Follow this steps:

Register at

On the left side, click on My Site. There will be Add a new site. Fill all the field needed. In this part, you can set it 100 visitors a day or more. It depends on you. You also can select the day when you don't want visitor to visit your site. After you done the setup, then press submit button.

Start surfing to earn point. There are two types:
  • 2:1 for 15 seconds
  • You need to surf twice to get one visitor to visit your website. It is because you just earn 0.5 point every time your surf.

  • 1:1 for 20 seconds
    Each time you surf, you will earn 1 point. So each time you surf, one visitor will go and take a look on your website.

That's how it works. If you get stuck or having problems, just give a comment and I will try my best to help you.

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