Friday, 25 June 2010

Farmville on iPhone

Hi everyone. I'm back again to this blog. I like to see people reading my blog. What do you like about this blog? What do you want me to improve on this blog? Hope you give me some idea.

By the way, today want to share with you about farmville on iPhone. It's really helpful for people that like Farmville that is made by zynga with facebook platform. It give a notification when the plants reach the time to harvest. The great thing is that you can play on facebook through computer/laptop and you can continue with iPhone or the other way round.
I have taken one video of my Farmville. It's looks like a farm that is not care. =p
It is because I almost forget to harvest it and all the plants is dead. But now I'm going to start play it again because of iPhone that give great notifications so I'll not miss my harvest time.

Here is my video:

You can leave comment here or on youtube itself. I'm hoping you going to enjoy it. Have fun and have a good weekend. See ya.

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