Friday, 12 February 2010

A.W. Surveys Scam

I have used like a week. They pay $6 for my welcome survey and like $5 a survey after that for just a few sentences about how good a site was. They even said they would pay $1.25 for every referral. In the end they were a scam. I have researched them since I join them and they have not paid out alot of people. They have a high payment threshhold, and when people do reach it, they often claim fraud. This post is not to say you may not have some success, it is saying that myself and others have been scammed. Here is the sites report from the survey police.

very lazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy by jat, Sep 06 '09
i completed all the surveys and had $28 in my account and now they have stopped giving me any survey and say that i've to refer friends to earn more

Stay away from A.W. Surveys by Bret, Jan 19 '09
I was signed up with them and then they (A W Surveys) has deleted my account and when I asked about restoring my status to active, they did however the money that I had built-up untill that point in time had disappeared

Fraud by psymonb, Oct 11 '08
AW surveys are infamous in getting you to quickly pile up rewards but then stop sending out invites before you reach the cashout. Those who manage to reach the cashout via referrals either have their account mysteriously deleted or accused of fraud. Stay away from them at all costs.

Don't fall for this company. by Leanne, Sep 03 '08
I have tried to cash out three times from this site and they have told me that my referrals are fradulent which is not true. I have done more surveys than, I have gotten referrals. They have denied payment and then let me take more surveys after to work for the amount of money they took off each time. They will not pay you until you reach $75 dollars and then they won't pay you because they say your fradulent or there has been fradulent activity on your account. The customer service is horrible. They will not answer questions and try to resolve issues. This company is just horrid. Don't waste your time!

They only had 4 reports and they were all negative. So, stay away from this site!
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