Sunday, 13 February 2011

Ebook: Blues Guitar for Dummies

Blues Guitar For Dummies

Blues Guitar For Dummies
English | PDF | 2006 | English | 19.6 Mb | 345 Pages

Blues Guitar for Dummies covers all aspects of blues guitar, showing you how to play scales, chords, progressions, riffs, solos, and more! It’s packed with musical examples, chords charts, and photos that let you explore the genre and play the songs of the great blues musicians.
This accessible guide will give you the skills you need to:
* Choose the right guitar, equipment, and strings
* Hold, tune, and get situated with your guitar
* Play barre chords and strum to the rhythm
* Recognize the structure of a blues song
* Tackle musical riffs
* Master melodies and solos
* Make your guitar sing, cry, and wail
* Jam to any type of blues
In addition to this must-have book, a bonus CD is included so that you can listen to famous songs, practice your riffs and chords, and develop your style as a blues musician. It also features a quick guide to musical notation and suggestions on albums, artists, and guitars for further enjoyment. With Blues Guitar for Dummies, you can re-create the masterpieces of the blues legend without the expensive lessons!

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